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Losing History as we speak…

Just found out there was another mermaid show similar to Floridas Weeki Wachee and this park was even more impressive with a very cool skyride, a diving pig, glass bottom boats and more.  Scroll down and you will see their mermaids drank soda underwater too…
Its got sold to texas university and they are keeping the glass bottom boats, but this month started demolishing the rest of the site.  Its also a springs like Weeki Wachee, but the difference is that while Weeki Wachees theater is stationary,  their theater is a “Submarine theater” where it floats and then by filling ballast tanks with water from the springs, the entire theater would descend 42 inches in 11 minutes, which I guess really isnt that much but would be a cool effect.  The entrance to the theater always stayed above water and accessable.

Links here.  Lots down the page.

  1. supergloss said: Never heard of this, wow! A lot of cool pictures too, thank you for the link. Shame on the university for dismantling the entertainment value.
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